Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Foot Fetish

I admit it. I have officially become sock obsessed. I have sock yarn, I have sock books, I have sock needles. What I don't have is a ball winder or swift, but those things I will have soon as well. And then in some fantasy world, I will start churning out socks like the pros. For now, I am back to Jaywalkers. I will persevere. I can't go forward until I see this through. I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED.

My weapons: Regia Mini Ringel Self Striping in colorway 5220 and one pair of KP Nickel Plated 2.5 mm circs.

When it comes to Jaywalkers, I believe knitting them both at the same time is crucial. Not just to avoid Second Sock Syndrome (of which I have already learned that I am highly susceptible,) but to ensure even tension. The disastrous pair I made for H-J J were completely off, if you remember. The first being about 1/2" wider than the second!

I think self srtiping yarn works very well with this pattern, and without H-J J's color(less) restrictions, I am having lots of fun. I will admit to non-originality in my yarn choice. I saw somebody's FO in this very yarn in Grumerpina's gallery and had to have it. Good thing, too. Not only is the yarn inexpensive, it comes ready in center pull balls.

Additionally, I am using a 2.5 instead of the recommended 2.25 to make sure they won't be too tight, and yes, I have gone with the larger size (84 co instead of 76.) Although I am a plus size gal, I'm usually pretty normal when it comes to socks. Even with a size 9.5 - 10 foot. But with these babies, I take no chances!

Two socks on one circ

sock one
sock two

In other foot related news, here are H-J J's Very Exciting Grey Clogs, all felted and ready to go (although perhaps a tad too big.) I have yet to see H-J J and deliver her Gwen socks and clogs, but she is here for about another week so I am hoping it works out. Life gets complicated, and she has much to take care of while here so we're going by her schedule, not mine. Still, I do hope to see her because I miss her very much, and hey I've got to deliver the goods!

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h-jj said...

My CLOGS!!!!
Gorgeously gloriously grey!