Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm still transfixed with Lynne Barr's Knitting New Scarves. I could almost work my way though this book, scarf to scarf, there are so many of them that I like. I think it would be easier to say what I don't like than list those that I do, but that would be rude and the last thing I would like to do is offend this woman and her brilliant new scarf architectures. It is because of Ms. Barr and her book that I found the courage to jump in and buy Cat Bohrdi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters. Though I am yet a sock expert, I understand enough about standard sockitecture to be fascinated by Ms. Bordhi's discoveries and designs. I hope to soon cast on for the baby sock projects she recommends,but that is for another day. For now let's take a look at my first two outings from Knitting New Scarves...

I freely admit to following the crowd on this one. Shag hadn't been so high on my list of must have scarves, but as they say, everyone is doing it! As I have watched my fellow knitters' progress over at Knitting New Scarves Knitalong, I found myself drawn to Shag more and more. And when I was going through my stash and found a few balls of one of my favorite scarf yarns ever, Lanas Stop: Yes Please, I knew that this would be a great match.

A quick word on the yarn. Over at Ravelry there are six projects using the Yes Please. Five of them are mine. I feel like it's my secret little find and that whatever I make with it is extra special because the odds of finding it on someone else are so low. This particular colorway is 210. Very different than those I have used before. Something in the golds and plums with occasional pomegranate bursts makes me feel all tingly inside. This was truly a stash enhancement buy, a token to remember Shani Bad by before I finished my 10 year adventure that was living in Jerusalem.

Like most of the patterns in this book, the scarves are actually quite narrow, only 3" wide, and made with a heavy worsted weight yarn that I just don't have in my collection. So once again I cast on with more stitches and worked more rows, but I think it was worth the effort. I am very happy with the results.

The length of Shag, about 50% complete

Shag, wrapped around

Shag, from the back

Shag, close up

more of the colorway

And, lest we forget, here is a progress pic from my first outing, New Wave. I admit that monotony set in much sooner than I expected with this, but I love the results no less. The way the scarf appears to undulate, rising and falling like the waves in the ocean appeals to me on so many levels. (I must miss California more that I thought!) In the old days I would have sat and persevered, not starting a new project until it was done. And it would have taken only a few days to complete. But I am an older, wiser and more fickle knitter than before, looking to be continuously challenged on some level, so though this is easy, or maybe because it is so easy, this might take a bit more time.

There are still so many scarves to make. Especially Drifting Pleats. It is the reason I bought the book in the first place. But Drifting Pleats will take all my attention and right now there is just too much going on. Perhaps when I finish Jeanie. For now, I'm enjoying the groove...


Merna said...

Me too -- regarding Shag that is. I knit it just because I was curious about how it worked and it was fun. Your photos are great.

I don't even like narrow scarves, but now I'm working on Linked Rib -- not exactly mindless knitting in the beginning, but definitely not boring.

I, too, see the link between this book and Cat's new sock book. It's worth giving them a try. My Riverbed sock is gorgeous and really fits well.

amy said...

diggin' your scarves too! your shag colors are really pretty!