Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hello Old Friend

Once upon a time, when Knitty was my ONLY source for patterns, I came across a little scarf. This scarf, to my still novice eye, was a bit of magic. So magical in fact that as I worked through my first lace experience (learning all about YO, K2tog and SSK,) and learned a new cast on (cable) so I could add stitches to a working row, it cast its own spell on me. Before you could say Jack Robinson, I was addicted. Many an Argosy did I make, and gift, and Lanas Stop Yes Please became the yarn of choice. I flip flopped between two colorways, a subtler choice for the blondes and the bold and bright for the rest. On the fifth scarf, for my dearest friend D, I modified and made it wider; upping the squares from 5 to 9. A little wide for my taste, but thankfully she loved it. And so finally, FINALLY, I decided to make one for myself. I planned it wider than the original but narrower than D's; 7 squares across. I cast on with my beloved, brighter colorway and worked a few inches. And promptly got bored. Surprise! So I banished my scarf to its own personal Ziplock, checking on it every once in a while, but adding nary a stitch.

Well those days are over and I am a woman with a mission. I have taken on (bli neder, as we say) adding at least one pattern repeat a day so I can finally finish this lady up. And so far it is working. I present to you Argosy VI.

Argosy VI is currently at the 31" mark (before blocking!) which makes it about half way done.
Here it is a little closer...
And closer still...
Check out those bright, beautiful color changes!

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