Friday, July 2, 2010

Lovin' the Glove

I am a recovered sock addict. Fully recovered, thank you. So recovered, in fact, that I have a few single socks that are in desperate need of their mates. For now they remain alone. But what's a girl to do with the plethora of gorgeous sock yarns (many hand dyed) she's accumulated?

Well, first there is destashing. (And one of this long weekend's activities is to go through the stash, see what I'm ready to part with and put it up on my sale page over on Ravelry. Bookmark that page, peeps, there will some great stuff up there soon!) We've seen that sock yarn makes for some beautiful shawls as well (and I'll be showing off a few next time). And then there is the "new sock", gloves.

I have become completely smitten with them. I don't mean mittens, though they are lovely too. I mean honest to goodness, fingered gloves! And, in my opinion Julia Mueller of Laris Designs is the Cookie A of the glove world. Not only are her designs gorgeous but her architecture is ingenious as well. My first Laris Design gloves were my Lady Sunrise Gloves knit with Sundara's gorgeous Desert Sunrise Sock Yarn. (BTW, all you non-Ravelry people, the links to my actual project pages are now public! That Casey is a genius!)

The thumb is knit first, starting with the tip,

Next the the gusset and stitches are divided to make the band, then grafted together. Stitches are then picked up from the top of the band to make the hand and fingers,
and then from the bottom of the band to make the cuff,
An applied i-cord bind off finishes them off nicely. And the delicately shifting colors make my heart sing!

I'm currently working on Bobbie, a lovely linen stitch pattern made from Impulse of Delight's Mere Sock in Echinacea.

See those purl ridges at the base of the hand and right before the cuff splits? Those will have applied i-cord attached, as will the cuff edge. I haven't decided yet whether to use the same yarn or a contrasting solid. Thoughts? Bobbie is past the half way point. In fact I'm ready for the fingers on glove 2. And I'm already searching for the next pattern to knit. Oh, my hands are going to have a cozy winter. Can't wait!


amanda said...

That is some clever construction! I totally went off glove knitting after knitting about 6 pairs one winter a few years ago. I think I may give these a go though!

Lupie said...

I have been baby sweater making but your beautiful gloves have started my glove blood flowing.