Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Best Laid Plans and all...

So clearly, I've slacked off again. And I can't even offer a good excuse. Ok, maybe if I think really hard I could come up with one or two. Like I have no stash to show off since I am committed to my destash (that's like detox for Knitters). And if I did have stash to show I wouldn't show it anyway because, seriously, I'm going to admit to you that I have fallen off the wagon if I can't admit it to myself. This is all theoretical of course. Because I. Am. Clean Committed.

This, of course, means no new stash. And no pets or babies (standard Knit Blog filler). Even my walking isn't much to write about lately. Yes, I walked 85 miles a couple of weeks ago. That's right, 85! This last week I almost hit 80. But did I walk anywhere interesting? Well, actually I did!

Just over a week ago I met my friend Gail in the City. First, of course, I took my daily constitutional. Leaving the house by 6 AM, I walked my normal route of about 8.5miles. Went home ate my breakfast and readied myself to go. Though I left much later than anticipated, the bus made record time and I was at Port Authority by 10:30, giving my 30 minutes to walk Uptown to W 79th. I was maybe 3 minutes late. There my friend waited for me, at the famous Knitty City. I was there for buttons people. Really, get your mind out of the gutter. No yarn. Buttons. For my finished Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague from Twist Collective's Fall 2009 issue.

The yarn, which I bought at Rhinebeck last year, is Sliver Moon Farms Worsted Superwash Merino in Worsted weight. I jut fell in love with the color and had to have it. It sat around for a while until I knew that it wanted to be the Vine Yoke Cardigan. I know. This is not really an FO shot. The left underarm has still be seamed and clearly a good blocking is called for. Those things have been done, but buttons have been elusive.

So though I found some great buttons at Knitty City, there were not enough of them for my cardigan. The lovely Pearl said she would try to track them down, but no luck so far. I have to say, this was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a yarn store. Especially one to which I had never been to before. The store is very well organized and with many yarns I knit with or would like to knit with (some day, some day). And the staff were amazingly friendly.

Before we went through the park and over to E 62nd to try our luck at Tender Buttons, we had a nice lunch at Estihana, a lovely Kosher Asian restaurant just across the street from Knitty City, that I first (and last) visited with my mom in May. I had my usual sushi fare: Rainbow Roll and Edamame and enjoyed it very much. Then we were onto the bus and through the park and tracking down the button store. This store is a feast for the eyes.

Long and narrow, one wall is literally floor to ceiling buttons. And yet.... No joy for the Vine Yoke Cardigan. After such a lovely experience over at Knitty City, the apathy of the staff here left me very disappointed. But after much rummaging and no staff help or encouragement whatsoever (they were working very, very hard on a crossword puzzle) I did find these:
Which of course are not for the Vine Yoke cardi at all. They are for something else altogether. A special something that I am Test Knitting and something that deserves it's own post.
So now I have at least two more posts in me. The finished Vine Yoke Cardi post, complete with buttons, full details and maybe even a modeled photo. And my test knit, which doesn't have to be a secret but I've got to save something for next time...
Oh, and from E 62nd we walked down to E 42nd where we went our separate ways and I continued on back to W 42nd. All in all it was a 17.5 mile day. Not bad.


Amy said...

8.5 miles is your "daily constitutional"? Oh, man, and I just walk around the park!

Andi Pants said...

I love the yarn you used for your Vine Yoke Cardigan. Those buttons are gorgeous as well. I hope you find the perfect buttons for your cardi.

Lupie said...

My daughter went to Knitty City and loved it. Martha Stewart had the Tender Buttons on her show. thanks for the heads up so when I go I won't even ask for help.