Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step

My “new” addiction. Walking. Truth is I’ve always been a walker. Though, like with many things, when I get bored or lazy it goes by the wayside. Now when I’m motivated, that’s something altogether different.

This current journey began about 10 months ago as the waning summer released its heated grip and gave way to a gentler walking environment. It also coincided with a new weekly ritual of the long overdue manicure. And hey, I had to get there somehow! And so I decided if I could walk the unheard of mile long journey to get my nails done, then perhaps another half mile to Starbucks wasn’t so bad. This, in turn, led me to Target and suddenly I was free. I was no longer tied to the generosity of others to get me somewhere. I had two feet and they were more than enough. Before I knew it, twice a week I was taking my 6 + mile walk. Through the rain, the ice and snow, I never missed my biweekly walk. And then it was spring. I was excited to branch out. The Sunday I walked to beautiful Montclair and back, clocking 20+ miles, was liberating. This was true freedom. Not only was I leading a healthier lifestyle but my self esteem grew. And I was loving it. During this time I treated myself to an iPod Touch. The right music, or even better, a good audio book, gave me fuel for hours.

As more people spotted me and my reputation grew, many said they would love to walk with me. Two were serious and before I knew it I was leaving my house at 6:00 am each Wednesday and walking with one faithful companion on our 5 mile walk. The other meets up with me after work once a week. And then I needed more…

So if you are up at 6:00 AM you may see me on any given weekday as I make my way to the modern day Mecca called Starbucks. Whether it’s 1.5 miles away, 3 miles away or further, you can be sure it will mark my halfway point. And the baristas know my very specific signature drink by heart! Iced Venti Americano, 2 pumps sugar free vanilla, 1 pump sugar free caramel, no water and room for milk!

Wearing my pedometer from dawn to midnight, I’ve been clocking over 65 miles a week. And yes, I hit that 1,000 mile mark. Ages ago.

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Anonymous said...

so is knitting taking a back seat to walking???