Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are You There Blog? It's Me, Jessica


I have thought about you. Of what I have to say to you. Of what I wished I'd said to you. A lot. Not everyday, but a lot. Over six months have gone by since last spoke. So many changes. So many events. How does one make up for so much lost time. How does one catch up on so much lost time. One can't. Only move forward. Perhaps a little, not too often is enough to slowly reconciliate. Like writing once a week, not every day. Until we get used to each other again.

First, I am fine. Better than fine. Have been fine, and G-d willing, will remain fine. I have been busy. With life and, of course, with knitting. Since my last post I have completed 8 projects, including Wast Side Shawl, made from the heavenly Sundara Fingering Cashmere Merino in Aged Oak Barrel from the Napa Collection.

I'm almost finished with 2 more, including the long neglected Hanami!

I have a couple of new WiPs but am committed to finishing up some of the others languishing in the dark. Like Ziggity Zag which is a turned heel, foot and toe from being finished!

Of course no pictures have been taken of almost anything in ages, but just for you a snapped a few pics just moments ago (see above). All in all, we do have some catching up to do. The truth is, the knitting has slowed down a bit since I found a new obsession. Walking. Exercising. Really. So much for us to catch up on. But we have time. And I don't want to run out of material when we are just getting reacquainted. So I'll leave something for next time...

I have missed you. And I'm glad we are back in touch!


Anonymous said...

Just happened to click on the favorite of your blog. Nice to see you back, Jessica. I so admire your work! Hope all is well with you.
Jody in Mill Valley

Debbie said...

Welcome back, Jessica. I've missed your great photos and look forward to seeing more. That shawl is beautiful! I just started knitting a shawl. Will have to post about its progress on my blog. Good for you with the walking! Keep it up!

Yona said...

Hey J! What a great surprise to see you back in the land of the blogging!! Looking forward to seeing photos of the knitting accomplished while you were incommunicado. Wish I could see a photo of the result of all that walking, too! Best wishes, Yona