Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paradise Lost?

So close.

I've worked so hard on this little sweater for my niece, T. I learned the i-cord cast on. (Great stuff!) I got through the corrugated ribbing and navigated a sea of endless white. I added the sleeves and finally got to the yoke pattern where i made the cutest Paper Dolls.

In fact, after I took this photo yesterday afternoon, I went on to finish the dolls head and get to the first decrease round.

And that is when disaster struck. You see, the yoke has been 12 stitches (or 1 repeat) short. And I know this because when I went to decrease I didn't have enough stitches. And if I cheat out the decreases to get to the recommended 180 stitches, the second set of flowers do not line up.

I don't know what to do! Poor T has been waiting so patiently. And, do to some not so happy circumstances, I am going home next week for a few days. So I wanted to bring the finished sweater with me. Alas! Poor Paper Dolls, I knew them well. Do I keep trying to find a way to fake the decreases and get them to work or do I rip ALL THE WAY BACK?

I will have to cogitate on this and make a decision very quickly. Ack!!!!


Elaine said...

It is adorable! Here is my suggestion. Omit the second set of flowers and just make it solid white at that part. It will look terrific and no one will know that there were supposed to be something there. Thing of it as you making it less ungepotchked - you know, make it a design feature. :-)

I hope things are OK at home and happy blogiversary month. I've been stopping by, with some major holes all year.

Anonymous said...

T loves the sweater exactly the way it is. The hat too...