Thursday, December 10, 2009


That's how this weather makes me feel!


I wonder if that was the sentiment master dyer Tina Newton (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) was trying to convey when she came up with this colorway:


The thing is, I think knit it up it actually looks quite lovely. And sophisticated. And matched up with the Yarn Harlot's Baby Mine pattern it makes a beautiful, antique looking baby present. I think it's Smokin', which is what I've named it!

The pattern, as all of Stephanie's patterns, is clear and easy to follow with lovely charts and written out directions (for those who prefer them). It's clever too. Two sleeves (see above) are knit in the round and then set aside while the body of the sweater is knit flat. All this in a lovely lace pattern. The sleeves are then joined to the body and the sweater is finished with a garter yoke. I'm half way through the body and hope to be joining this together tonight. And all it takes is 1-2 hanks of STR Mediumweight yarn. I'm knitting the 6-9 months and I'm hoping my gorgeous little recipient enjoys the super softness while her mummy appreciates the elegant lines. And the machine washing. Mustn't forget that!

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