Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And I'll Bet You Thought I Wasn't Coming Back

Things got a bit hectic here at Chez Tante. Dare I say, even the knitting slowed down! Of course I've finished a few more things since I last wrote, even started some others. Oh, and the biggest news, I picked up a sock last night! Seriously. I haven't worked on a sock since the my onset of PST - Post Sock-Madness Trauma. But I've decided I must flip these WiPs and so I'm back to work on Ziggity Zag!

So what was I up to? Life mostly. And a wonderful visit with my mom over Thanksgiving. Much good shopping was had. Of the clothes variety, not the yarn. No - I am pretty firmly committed to a serious yarn diet. Only Sundara can break my will. Or an occasional Madelinetosh treat. It's kind of exciting, shopping the stash, and I'm already trying to find the best combination for Daybreak by Stephen West. And there's a few baby things I need to get on with. And of course my niece's sweater, which is coming along slower than expected. And most importantly, I MUST finish off the third piece of the Mimi trilogy, A Scarf for Mimi. Using this pattern as a basis, adding the lace motif from A Hat for Mimi, and quite a bit of tweaking, A Scarf for Mimi should be done tonight or tomorrow. Mimi's mommy is getting quite anxious about the whole thing. And I don't blame her. The cold weather is definitely here.

So until I can catch some sunlight to photograph some of projects, I'll leave with you more of the Summer of Shawls.

Car(a)mel Sensation
Pattern: Melody Shawl by Melody Moore, Morehouse Farms
Needles: KP Options, 5.5 mm
Yarn: Sundara Fingering Silky Merino
Fiber: 50% silk, 50% merino
Colorway: Carmel Apple

Lavalette blocking

Cool Lava
Pattern: Lavalette by Kirsten Kapur
Needles: KP Options 4.5 mm
Yarn: School Products Hand Dyed Cashmere Blend 2
Fiber: 20% Cashmere, 50% Merino, 30% Silk
Colorway: Aqua
Present for my sister's birthday
Needles: KP Options 3.5mm
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn
Fiber: 100% Merino Superwash
Colorway: Aurora Borealis

and finally, after 3 years in the planning...

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert at
Needles: KP Options 4.5 mm
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn, Casbah Sock Yarn
Fiber: 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon
Colorway: Ivory
Mods: used fingering weight instead of worsted. Added repeats until I achieved the desired width, knit until there was only enough yarn left to do the decrease section. I used 3.25 hanks. And I totally LOVE it!

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