Monday, December 21, 2009


Perhaps an exaggeration, but when I opened my door yesterday, this is what I saw:

That's about two feet of snow. Right outside my door. Thinking to brave it all in a borrowed car, I found out my scheduled event had been cancelled. Of course, this was after Frak had arrived with said car. But after driving to his house, ostensibly to drop him off and be on my way, I decided it was just too much for me. I am not accustomed to driving in this weather. Combined with the added pressure of a borrowed car, I just wasn't prepared to chance anything. And by the time the roads had cleared enough for me to feel comfortable, it was too late to set out for my second planned event of the day and return before dark when, others assured me, the roads would get icy. And how did I know that the roads had, indeed, cleared? Though I was not brave enough to test the craziness of New Jersey road works, I did get in my big Sunday six mile walk. And the local Sheriff's deputy controlling traffic at a certain unpleasant intersection confirmed that I may be the last pedestrian in New Jersey. Of course, this meant missing a planned meet up with my sister, et. al. A big event, indeed, since it is the first time she has come out here since I arrived 2.5 years ago. I hope to rectify that in about 10 days, when she and my BiL return from their vacation.

The good news in all this is the kids remain in NJ with their grandparents, and thanks to national holidays, I get them on Thursday. All day. And probably into the night. A great sleepover is planned. I am v. excited.

Of course that is not the only blizzard of white in my life. There is also this:

My niece's Paper Dolls. It is taking forever, mostly due to that sea of white. And 2.75mm needles. Forever! So much forever, that I have tried, with no success, to sneak in other projects. It seems each thing I try I end up ripping out. Bad gauge, wrong stitch count, something stupid. Clearly I am meant to finish this. After all, it's only 2 months over due.

But I am only an inch away from the underarms.

And I have started the sleeves for a little variety. And when they all get on one big circ, and I start working on the yoke, then the fun will begin! This really is a great pattern. In the round, bottom up and a clever design ranging from child's 24 inch to woman's 44 inch. And of course, though a pain to work on - all those teeny, tiny white stitches - it creates a beautiful fabric.

Still I'm looking forward to getting it off the needles and on to T. Soon. Before it gets warm or something.


Anonymous said...

11 days from your last blog - that's less often than once a week :(

Tante J said...

I'm working on it...

Elaine said...

I lost you during your hiatus from August to November (I guess I had just given up on checking plus I am fundamentally a lurker). But I've always enjoyed your knitting photos. Glad I stopped in to wish you a happy, healthy new year.

By the way, I am THE OTHER NJ pedestrian. I also went out for a nice long walk on the Sunday of the blizzard before picking up my daughter at the airport who returned for a visit from France where she is living.