Wednesday, August 12, 2009

California Dreaming

It's been hard to stay focused lately. It's summer. Not, of course, the type of summer I am used to. Thunderstorms and endless humidity are still quite foreign to me. I dream of blue skies, of a yellow sun that warms us with its rays. Of walking along the ocean. I dream, of course, of home.

And after waiting an interminable amount of time, the dream comes true tomorrow! Tomorrow I will go coast to coast. Literally. My company's yearly fishing trip is tomorrow and we will make our way down to to Point Pleasant for six hours of fishing on the Miss Michele III. It's the fourth year they are going, but my first. And it promises to be quite fun! And then it's straight to the airport. Before midnight I shall be touching down at SFO, then crossing the Golden Bridge as I make my way into Marin. I'll try to check in when I can. And by the time I return I hope the knitting world has made its collective turn towards Fall knitting. The groove should return. I dearly hope so!

Though I've slowed on my blogging a bit this summer, the knitting has continued. It has been the summer of the Shawl and few hats thrown in for good measure. I'm I'm already work on my next shawl and still deciding what to take with me on my vacation. When I come home I hope to take some serious time for concentrated (and concentration) knitting on Hanami. I'd like that ready for Succos as well. And there are always baby presents to be made. Why, a new little girl came into the world just yesterday and is in serious need of hand knit goodness...

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Lupie said...

Can't wait to see all the fish you bring back!