Monday, August 10, 2009

The Payoff

Way back when, over 6 months ago, I fell in the love with the idea of Charlotte's Web and the shawl concept. You remember! I found the perfect three colors but couldn't match them to any two more. I collected obscene amounts of STR Mediumweight in my never ending quest. I made my own version with very different colors than first intended and though I still love it, it didn't quite sing the way I'd hoped it would? And still I loved that three color combo from the original, doomed CW. And then I started seeing Gudrun Johnston's Aestlight Shawl popping up all over Ravelry. This Shetland shawl was designed in a single, solid color, but that didn't stop some people from using two colors. And then I thought could I make it work with three? Those three that I had set aside but not given up on? Why not?

The entire shawl is in Garter stitch so not only does it fly off the needles, but it blocks out like crazy. I found the construction fascinating, the central triangle made by increasing by a YO on every row, leaving little rings on the outside of the triangle. The next section is then picked up through these rings and the different edgings applied.

Here you can see the three colors together in the ready to be blocked finished shawl:

And here is the finished shawl. All the garter goodness, and lovely points ready to pulled out and blocked into place.

Post blocking. I just love it!

I did use every last bit of my Puck's Mischief to make this work. In fact, I faked half of the last row with a bit of Amethyst because I had run out. And I had to use some of the Jasper for the bind off across the top of the triangle. But because these colors are in the Puck's Mischief I don't think you can tell!

Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock Mediumweight
Colorways: Pucks Mischief, Jade, Jasper
Needles: KP Options, 4.5 mm


Lupie said...

Just beautiful!
The yarns and colors you used are amazing.

Zel, The Grimm Witch said...

Everything about it is wonderful. I love the colors you chose!

Elaine said...

Sorry I've been gone so long - life has intervened. I hope your trip ended wonderfully.

The shawl is just fabulous. Did you wear it to shul for the holidays? L'shana tova.