Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Understanding My Obsession

So here I was, wondering if you all had deserted me. I know I took a week off, but no comments? None at all? Then I went to write this post and I saw I had a whole lot of wonderful comments waiting for my approval. Apparently I forgot I changed that setting before I got sick!

It's been another beautiful day in New Jersey. The sun shining, the sky blue, the air warm and dry. No, wait. That was the weather in California. Here it was hot and humid. Until it got gray and thick. Thunder and lightening and sheets of rain falling down. The only way to perk myself up was to get a little something something in Sundara's Limited Edition update today. The July colors go up for sale tomorrow and the Basil over Buttercup Sock is calling my name. More importantly subscriptions to Sundara's newest yarn collection: Santa Fe open tomorrow as well. With the cost spread out over four months you barely feel the pain to your wallet. Words can't begin to describe the artistry in each hank. Here are a few favorites from my stash:

Blue Grape Hyacinth


Aurora Borealis

California Calls

Beethoven's Fifth

Once you've worked with Sundara Yarns you'll be obsessed as well!

NB: For those of you reading from the Bay Area, I'll be coming home to visit in August! Oh, and for those of you who commented on the Challah, I've now got it going in 100% Organic White Whole Wheat! I seem to be getting quite the reputation in town!

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