Monday, June 29, 2009

Unexpected Absences

Well I certainly didn't intend to disappear last week! Sunday had been a very busy day. Visiting both The Stockinette Knitting Cafe in Jersey City and Knitting Nation in Nyack in one afternoon! Try as I might to spend not a penny, I did manage to reign myself in enough to purchase only for intended gifts. Mostly.

But wait, there's more. I managed to get home in time to freshen myself up and head into the City for my cousin's birthday dinner. There I joined not only he, his wife and kids, but also his parents and brother, visiting from England. It was a wonderful family get together, though it did POUR on me all the way from E 49th back to Port Authority bus station (about a 20 minute walk). The whole thing (especially the weather) left me a bit weak. I suppose it wasn't surprising that I woke up the next morning to a killer migraine and remained in bed the better of that day and the next. By the time I got myself back to a normal schedule I just couldn't get it together to write. Of course I did find time to knit with some of my new found stashiness.

First the Dream in Color Classy I picked up at Knitting Nation. This was bought with purpose. To make Kirsten Kapur's new baby vest design Pembroke (Rav linky) for the Wigged One's Wee Little Wiggins.

This knit up nicely in two days and I am very happy with the result!



cable detail

v-neck closeup

I even managed to find the perfect buttons!

Now we just have to wait for Wee Little Wiggins to be a wee bit larger so he can properly model this for us. He should be a natural, his mama was a great model back in the day!

I also managed to pick up this great Portland Tweed from Classic Elite at the The Stockinette. What could be better than a classic tweed for a Jared Flood pattern?

This (and about 1/4 of another) transformed itself into Habitat (Rav linky) in just over 24 hours. My birthday present to my cousin. Of course it's been blocking since this morning so I'll photograph it when it's dry.

And lest anyone be wondering about other projects, I did indeed finish the Endpaper Mitts. The second one was knit quite a bit more loosely. I had to reblock the living daylights out of the first mitt so they would be the same size.

This pattern proved to be my own personal knitting nemesis. I am so NOT knitting these again. I hope they fit The Cheerleader well enough, and if they don't, well I just don't want to know. She'll just have to love her hat, when I make it.


Megan said...

The vest came out so cute! Perfect buttons!

And congrats on conquering those endpaper mitts.

DrChopSuey said...

I love the cable on the front. Beautiful! And the buttons are cute too.

And cute mitts!