Monday, June 15, 2009


I love a challenge, don't get me wrong. In fact, I get bored if all goes too smoothly, too easily, too brainlessly. Over the last three years I have continued to challenge myself, and for the most part succeeded. But no matter how accomplished I think I have become, I know there is so much left to learn. And that sometimes a well written, seemingly innocuous pattern may in fact be out to get you!

Last autumn, I started out on my first stranded pattern. THE pattern, I was told, for beginning stranded knitting. I was so excited. I knew these would be perfect for my friend, the Cheerleader. And on the face of it, Endpaper Mitts is just that. Straightforward, well written. 2310 Knitters can't be wrong. And yet. Here's how it looked in February. Mitt one, finally finished, Mitt 2 finally on the needles.

And here is how it looks this evening

only I have knit and ripped and knit and ripped and knit and ripped more times that I care to admit to. The fact that yarn is still viable is a testament to Shibui sock. I've put it away for long periods of time, feeling guilty all the while. And of course the Cheerleader has in turns asked when it will be ready or suggested I give it up more times than I care to remember. Well she has been out of town, and I thought here is a chance to get this done and surprise her when she returns. I got past the thumb gusset and was ready to actually change back to tiny needles to do the ribbing. I thought, dear Readers, that I was really almost finished! Then I compared it to Mitt One and I realized I had started the pattern in the WRONG placed, forgetting the 30 rows of a straight cuff! (Yes, I should have photographed this but it was late and my frustration had me ripping before I common sense kicked in.) So I ripped back once more to the ribbing and have gotten through the first 10 rows. But I am not giving up! It's the principal of the thing. You know?


madstitcher1 said...

I know you can do it before she gets back!!!! Keep at it...

lunaticraft said...

Good luck! They really are turning out beautifully, even if they are turning out to be troublesome.

Megan said...

This was my first stranded project too and I was so proud of myself at the end. You will be soon too.

That really sucks that you had to pull all that out though. It took me forever to finallly make myself do the thumbs.