Friday, June 12, 2009

Has that Girl been Stashing, AGAIN!

You are all in on a secret. A conspiracy if you will. And you must protect me at all costs, even with your life if it comes to that. It's the stash conspiracy. My mother can NEVER know that I've accumulated a bit more than she knows about. Thank goodness she is across the country in the good weather place. (Yes, it warmed right up today. 81 degrees with humidity you can melt in. Woo hoo!)

So what have I got to show today? How about some chocolate? Bluefingers would indeed love that. And now I too can share her passion for it. Of course I'll take mine in Bamboo/Superwash blend (51% Bamboo, 39% superwash, 10% nylon) thanks very much!

Crystal Palace Superwash in Chocolate

And Rose Musk.

Looks a bit like Nestle's Strawberry and Chocolate Quick, swirled together, no?

And keeping with that theme, here is a special Limited Edition Simply Socks anniversary color way in Schaefer Yarns Heather (55% Merino superwash, 30% silk, 15% nylon). I bought two since I thought I'd use them for something other than socks. (Have you noticed I've been doing that a lot lately?)

Alas, the colorways aren't quite the same. The pinks on the right are much more intense. I'll stash them away for awhile into something comes to mind.


Caroline said...

The yarns are simply gorgeous! What will you make with them? More important, where did you buy them??? And I don't believe you about being afraid of your mother knowing what you've bought. C'mon!!

lunaticraft said...

Those second skeins have me craving Nestle Quick after your
(totally accurate) observation. =D

Megan said...

Totally reminds me of Strawberry milk and chocolate milk- LOVE that yarn!