Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons

and Lucky Diamonds.

At last the pictures from Round 4.

Lucky Diamond by Melissa Goodale
Needles: 2.75mm & 2.5mm (for the cuff)
Yarn: MC = Shibui Sock in Jewel
CC = Shibui Sock in Kiwi

The specs called for 220 yds for the main color and 130 yds for the contrast color but those numbers are a bit high. Shibui Sock hanks are 192 yds each and I had left overs. In fact you may recognize the Kiwi (CC) from Tokena. I definitely had less than 130 yds left over and I wasn't sure I'd make it, fearing I'd have to do the heels (afterthought) in a different color altogether. Not only did I have enough Kiwi for the pair, I still have some leftover.

I think the designer may be a very tight knitter as well. The pattern actually calls for the 2.75mm needles for a 62 stitch pattern. I usually go up a needle size to accommodate my size 10 foot but not this time. Not only do they fit well, they are longest legged socks I've made.

Now I am basking in the down time. And how do I bask? Well, I've been crazy working at the office and at home and not getting in much food, sleep or knitting. Deprived of the basics of life! I did manage to finish Charlotte's Web! Woo hoo! Now to find somewhere to block it... And I'm back to work on Mad Color Weave and Longbourn Sophisticate though I am looking for a sockless alternative. I'm also trying to find my way back to quality blogging time. Bare with me.


Debbie said...

Those socks are amazing, J. Great closeup photo, too, of your perfect stitching. I'm sure I missed something. Did you make it into that last slot to get into the next round?

madstitcher1 said...

Socks came out great love the colors and the pictures. Now tell us about your adventures of 2 weeks ago when you went into the city. Bring on the pictures.

JavaTwist said...

Wowza! Those are some crazy awesome socks!