Monday, May 4, 2009


My wrists are tired, my back a bit sore and I am exhausted. I worked like crazy today. No time for even a lunch break. And then for about 5 solid hours, I cranked on the socks. Yep, I skipped dinner and everything. I was in the zone. And guess what? Lucky Diamonds are done! Even though I was sure I was out. Even though I cooked all day Friday and wasn't able to get really working on them until Saturday night. Even though I had basically given up. I may still be in this thing.

According to the tally board, there is still one slot open in my division. But is it really open or have the mods been delayed in updating? Only time will tell. My email has been sent; I await confirmation from the mods. And if I am in, the credit goes to Madstitcher1 who spurred me on and made me keep knitting.

And now it's off to bed. With a good night sleep and some daylight, I should be able to snap a decent photo or two. And find the strength to write a decent post! Good night my friends. Good night.


madstitcher1 said...

Ok you deserve some sleep and you are the one who was motivated to do it. I only kept pushing you but you in the end did it your self. Good for you. I am proud of you!!

Frenzy23 said...

Isn't it funny how knitting is supposed to be relaxing, yet we skip meals and sleep in a frenzy to get it finished on time. Congratulations on finishing the project though! :)