Friday, May 1, 2009

Throwing in the Towel?

A wise woman knows when to admit defeat. The pattern couldn't have been released at a worse time, with the exception of Friday night. By the time it arrived in my Inbox it was 10 pm. A toe-up design, Lucky Diamonds is in some ways the easiest challenge thus far. Yet by the time I finished the first toe I was so exhausted I went to sleep. Today got me half way through the foot. That's it. Other, more pressing things came up. Like getting dinner ready for my VIP guests this evening. Friday night Fajita Fiesta. I made Tortilla Soup, Fajitas, Mexican Rice and Black Bean salad. And of course I baked challah.

You might ask why I didn't do much of the cooking last night, before the pattern arrived. The answer is simple. First, the pattern was due to show up between 7-11 pm. How was I to know it would show up near the end. Second, with no car it was too difficult to do the shopping last night. I walked in the door after 6 pm. And by 7pm I was out with my walking partner. By 8pm, when I returned, it was too late and I was too tired to walk to the closest store. So I went this morning. And though I did get some knitting in, I also cooked much of the day. And did laundry. I think I knew that the odds of finishing before Shabbos were slim to none, and the odds of having a spot still open Sunday were just as dire. I pretty much gave up before I started. Bad attitude, I know. And frankly, I was more excited to be finishing my Charlotte's Web than I was to work on the sock. Yes, I admit I actually spent some time working the crochet edge on shawl today when I should have been sock knitting. Anyway, I will check the boards after Shabbos tomorrow night. If there are even three spots still open I know I'll push myself. Who knows, I may not be out of the running yet...

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madstitcher1 said...

you still have a chance get on with it. I just checked and there are more than 3 spots. GO! GO! GO! Yeah