Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sock it to Me!

Socks. Remember them? I haven't talked about sock progress for a while. Partly because my two work projects are low key knitting and partly because I've been so distracted by hats and baby presents that my Longbourn's have suffered. And you know, I am feeling the wanderlust. I can't help it. But there is a remedy at hand. Just wait and see...

But first, some progress pictures. Slowly but surely Longbourn Sophisticate is coming into its own. I'm still not thrilled with holey heels but rest of this sock makes me smile. And wait until I add the flowers!

I'm also really digging the sole.

Which is a good thing because I plan on making these in the not too distant future.

Sock 1 of Ziggity Zag is complete.

The sophistication of the Turner colorway really appeals to me. This is my first time using Malabrigo Sock and I am happy indeed.

All of these patterns come from the fabulous Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns. This is one of the books I've wanted to review for you. Perhaps if I organize myself a bit I can finally do that this week.

And with Ziggity Zag half way there, Rosamond is back on the needles.

Although this is my short commute and lunch time project, I'd like to have the heel turned by the weekend.

And what is going to satisfy my need for new, you may still be thinking? Two things. First, I'm going away for 5 days in just over a week. And Django should be the perfect flying companion. Yes, it's a Cookie A pattern. There are charts that must be followed. But I had such good luck with Ornette on my flight to CA last fall, I'm hoping Django will be just the same. And the other thing? The other insane thing to keep the sock habit going? I joined Sock Madness! And the first pattern mails in just two days!


Megan said...

Wow. These socks are all pretty. I love the ziggity zag ones. I'd be interested in reading more of your thoughts on that book.

lunaticraft said...

Wow! Your socks are always so beautiful. Hell, all your knitting is always so beautiful! =D