Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Drug of Choice

I'd like to start by saying that I started this post yesterday! Last night, while though I was tired, I had plenty of time. But...

You know how sometimes when you talk about someone, then suddenly they are they? Well, there I was talking about the Wigged One to this person, then that one, and then when I came home once again. And suddenly, in the middle of writing, the phone rings. She's in the neighborhood and can she come over? Well there went the next couple of hours and enjoyable they were! But I was too tired to write. So now, with no further ado...

The Drug of Choice.

Socks are very addicting. When first exposed to a knitter with teeny tiny needles I thought, "She is a much better knitters than I. More experienced. I'm not ready for that," I convinced myself. Then suddenly they were everywhere. Every knitter I came across, walking around with these pocket sized projects, using beautiful, colorful yarns. Still I didn't thing it was for me. Until the day I saw lauraknitsMV working on Embossed Leaves. And then I knew I HAD TO HAVE THOSE SOCKS. So I bought my basic book on socks (which I used only once,) and cast on for a fantastically boring pair of "plain vanilla" socks. Although it may have been a boring design, it did teach me about sock structure. I finished that first pair a year ago 1 year ago today. And then it was on to the next pair, toe-up, Firestarter by Yarnissima. And then I was hooked! Of course I have become a bit more choosy about the patterns I select. I worry about the "bore factor" and will I finish my pair, or will a single sock languish, waiting for its mate.

One designer who has made their mark is Anne Hanson of the Knit Spot. Marie Antoinette was a fabulous knit and I have a couple more of her patterns I look forward to knitting. And Stephanie van der Linden has amazing socks. Many are free Ravelry downloads and the new ones over at the Twist Collective are fabulous. My favorite designer,though, is sure to keep you on your toes with her innovate designs. Cookie A, designer of Knitty hits Monkey and Pomatomus, has many patterns for sale that are challenging, but not difficult, original and look amazing. Oh, and they never, never boring knits. Her first book comes out this spring and I can't wait! In the meantime, I have finally finished Sock 1 of Django (rav link) made from Koigu Premium.

As you can imagine, all these stitch work patterns have prompted me to move more and more towards solid or shaded solid yarns. And anyway, more often than not the multis act in ways unanticipated and often unwelcome. This, of course, led to the recent purchase of Knitting Socks with Handpained Yarn. I hope to review it for you next week. But in the meantime I do have another, simpler, sock on the needles, a sock that let's the multi-color yarns shine: Leyburn by Minty Fresh.

Now, these may not be complicated, challenging socks but they do have something special going on. They are the sock of choice for a KAL going on over at the Socks that Rawk! Ravelry group. Each Participant has chosen a different colorway. STR has hundreds of colorways. Some are new, some are one offs and some are on a rotation. Last heard, there seems to be over 250 of them! If you haven't been over to Blue Moon Fibers you have no idea what you are missing out on. So go. Go! And if you are in Ravelry check out the rainbow of Leyburns being knit up. Just go to the Leyburn page and search by KAL. Oh never mind, I've done it for you. Here is the link. And don't forget to keep checking, although 125 people have claimed their colorway, not everyone has cast on or posted pictures yet.

Here is my progress, kint with Deck the Halls in Mediumweight.

Now since I am using a heavier yarn than in the pattern, I've had to rework the numbers a bit. But this pattern is really fabulous for multi-color yarns. The lattice stitch seems to cover up any potential pooling.

Though I have to say my stitch count is helping out with that as well.

Witness the sole:

But the short-row heel is leaving much to be desired.

Trust me, that has been frogged. Anyway, the increase numbers for the leg didn't work for me anyway. It would coming out way too loose. So I ripped back and tried again. No joy. And I ripped back and tried again. No wait, I ripped back and decided to work a heel flap. Take my chances on the stitch count. Embrace the pooling should it occur.

And that brings to us this evening. The heel has been turned and the gusset decreases begun. We'll see how what happens with pooling soon enough, I suspect. So you'll just have to wait.

Now a word to the contest winners: Carla and Elaine, It's been a bit of a crazy week. I'm sorry I haven't gotten to the post office yet. I am hoping to get there Monday. I'll email you as soon as they are posted. And Trudy. Trudy? Where are you? I'm going to give you until Sunday to get in touch with me. If I haven't heard from you by then I will draw another random winner.

And finally,

You Asked, I Answer:

Debbie asked, whatever happened to the Icosa Ball Pillow? No, you didn't miss the finished pics. It is resting comfortably for the moment. But since you were the one to set of the Wigged One chain, you also get credit for putting it back on my radar! I'm going to have to get back to it soon!

D.Smith mentioned she wished there were more links. More links? Today's post has a dozen! Seriously, I try to be very conscientious about links. Both to Ravelry and to free patterns. Now that I plan on doing some book reviews (ah, something else that's new!) I'll probably start linking to Amazon as well. Perhaps you aren't seeing them? They are navy and have no underline so they may not be obvious. I'll look into tweaking the color scheme so you can see them more clearly.


Debbie said...

While I am the Debbie who asked about the Icosa ball (and look forward to seeing progress on it) I'm not sure what you mean by "the one to set of the Wigged One chain". Could you have me confused with another Debbie?

marie said...

LOVE the Django socks!!

lunaticraft said...

Those deck the hall socks are AMAZING. What a great stich pattern with the lattice work!

Elaine said...

I meant to say that I'd be happy whenever the yarn arrives.

Lupie said...

Thanks for all the links. I have only done basic socks but you have inspired my to step out of the box.