Wednesday, March 18, 2009

EZ Love, the Second Time 'Round

Thank you all for your compliments on my little February Baby Sweater. But you do understand that I frogged it? All of it? Right? I ripped the entire project back and rewound the ball Saturday night. And on Sunday I cast on. Again. And I think this time everything is going to be ok!

I know it doesn't look like much now. Those sleeves sure make a big difference. But this time I managed to make button holes! I opted to make them just on the yoke. I don't really like the look of buttons down the front placket. And anyway those YO button holes are for tiny buttons!

The back looks a bit better. I still haven't decided how long to make it. EZ says to add 5" more after the arm holes (after the first 4.5",) but 9.5" seems a bit short to me. The yoke is 2" and there is a final 1" garter band so I think 7" of lace may work. I'm almost there so I'll have to decide soon. The orange marker denotes 5" of lace, which means it would be 2" longer. What do you think?

I'm still planing on knitting the sleeves in the round. This time I did remember the 4x7 extra stitches! The arm hole is much bigger now. All I have to do is work from the live stitches and then pick up 14 along the bottom edge. Which means no seams!

And just for the fun of it, here is a close up of the Gull Lace pattern.

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lunaticraft said...

Beautiful, as always. That lace pattern is amazing.