Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Half Way There

It seems that I have been stricken with that scary affliction with which we Knitters are often cursed. Second Sock Syndrome. Mine has even developed into Second Mitten Syndrome. As much as I love some of my projects, the need for new has led me astray. But I am determined to get past this. I am moving forward, casting on and completing my pairs. And why am I so motivated? Because there's a whole lot of knitting that I have denied myself until the task is completed!

Leyburn is close indeed. One more pattern repeat and then it's time for the cuff. I've loved being part of the KAL and love the way the socks look. They aren't as challenging as I prefer, but they have been the perfect lunch break project.

Django. Love. What else is there to say. And until I make the second sock I can't cast on for Stricken, Marlene, Twisted Flower or any other Cookie A sock I'm hankering to make.

Longbourn. Ok I'm sneaking this one in. I just cast on last night. But Longbourn sounds like Leyburn so it counts, right? And I'm very happy to knitting with my Sundara stash. Very happy indeed.

Endpaper Mitts. The bane of my existence. Poor Cheerleader has been waiting for months. Although I love the color combo and the finished mitt in general, this has not been a happy knitting experience. I've ripped as much as I've knit because of silly, stupid mistakes. I'm not sure I like this stranded knitting thing. I adore the way it looks but the process? Still not sure. So ask me why I cast on for Longbourn!

And last, but certainly not least, my Druid Mittens. I am a Jared Flood devotee. I can't wait to cast on for the new gloves with yarn to match my Gretel. I'm not sure I share his love for tweed though. It looks great but the yarn is a bit of a pain to work with.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about the continuing saga of the Charlotte's Web.

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Anonymous said...

This cheerleader thinks you should give up on the mitts and do something you enjoy.