Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Color Me Hopeful

I thought to be on track last week. Really, I did. Even my knitting, which had been terribly off, is back on track. Your continued caring and warm thoughts has been uplifting. Thank you! I'm feeling a bit drained. Physically and mentally, as well as emotionally. No, it's not what your thinking. Our office moved yesterday and I was in charge. Just one floor up, but still ,the prep was exhausting. Coordinating with the movers, the phone guys, the IT guys, the carpenter. Purging the extraneous and boxing up what's left. I'm pleased to say that it pretty much went off without a hitch but Baby, I'm bushed!

So here are some warm and fuzzy pictures to keep you company until I'm ready to show you something substantial. Some more lovely, lovely Malabrigo sock. Even with all the snow out there, this should warm you right up!






And remember this?

That poor hank of Ranco, waiting for a new home? Congratulations, Lupie, it's yours! You're the grand winner! Email me with your deets and I'll get it out as soon as I can.


T.M. said...

Is it wrong that I wanted to lick the screen? teehee. Nothing like some good old-fashioned yarn fondling to brighten your day!

Lupie said...

I am so sorry I didn't see that I won. This is so nice of you I will send you my info. Thanks again!!!!!