Tuesday, December 30, 2008


For many years I was fortunate to travel. A lot. All of this happened whilst living abroad. It's not so easy visiting multiple countries from the US. Unless you are very rich. Which I am not. Back before I considered moving to Israel, I spent a year and a half in London and then went on to Israel for a year. During that time I went to Paris a few times and had one crazy adventure in Cairo.

When I moved to Israel I had no idea of the job I would find. I had a degree in Theatre, which was getting me nowhere, and a decent, but by no way fluent, hang of the language. I found an admin job in the Russian department big Jewish Non Profit and learned a lot about somewhere I never imagined going. And then... I sort of redefined my job and found myself among the staff members who flew out to or many offices the "Former Soviet Union". For five years I traveled, usually for 1 - 2 weeks at a time, 5 or 6 times a year. I was fortunate enough to travel to small and big cities and saw places I only dreamed of: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa; and places I hadn't dreamed of: Irkutsk and Krasnoyark in Siberia; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Almaty, Kazakhstan; Bishkek, Kyrgizstan; Minsk, Belarus; Kishinev, Moldova and many others. I even ended up in Budapest and Prague one year.

And when I came home to California to visit, my mom and I went on a some trips closer to home, but breathtaking places nonetheless: Monterey, Carmel, Mendecino.

Some times I really miss the travelling. A lot. So today I feel like looking at some old pictures and I'd like to share them. Just because. These are from before my digital camera days, so if I only have a few scanned in, but if you like them let me know and I'll scan in some more. Many of my friends have asked that I share some of my travelling stories but I have always seen them as the past. Perhaps you are interested too? If so, I could make one post a week about my travels. Let me know.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites that are readily available in digital format:

Sofia Park, Uman, Ukraine
Surfer at Dusk, 17 mile Drive, Carmel, CA

Man of War, Monterey Aquarium, Monterey, CA

Wall of Portraits, Summer Palace, Petergoff, Russia

Fountains, Summer Palace, Petergoff, Russia


T.M. said...

I would love to read about your travels! The pictures are wonderful. They conjure up all kinds of images and ideas about traveling to distant and mysterious places. Okay...you get the idea.teehee.

Turtle said...

beautiful pictures. I have not done much travel in the last few years, settling daughter in high school/college combo that she is doing, starting new business...miss my airline benefits! You have been very lucky to have done so much wonderful travel. Enjoy your new year!

silfert said...

I would love to hear the stories behind the pictures...