Monday, December 29, 2008


I have to say that even with the lure of free yarn, I didn't expect so many comments. How perfectly delightful! I have been reading them and moving your names to a special list to get ready for the random drawing. There are some things that I really like and plan to incorporate and some that I may try out just to see. Of course many of you are split on how you'd like photos, etc. so clearly I can't make everyone happy. I am most overwhelmed by how many of you love the photos. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have been saving up for a new camera because the one I have is so, well, pathetic. Or so I thought. It's an old Kodak Easy Share, with a whopping 3.1 Mega Pixels! My mom picked it up on clearance three or four years ago for about $20! The macro shots have always been a challenge and it's ability to use ambient lighting leaves a lot to be desired! But I guess it's doing the job!

I am also overwhelmed with the thoughtful gift I received from Frak (and Frik if you ask him). He saw the 2009 Knitting calendar and just had to get it. Thanks guys!
I had a delightful time at the Frak family home this Shabbos and was glad to get the chance to know Mrs Frak a bit better. And of course Little Frak and Baby Frak.

And I am overwhelmed by the packages from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that finally arrived yesterday. I went a little nuts with Barnsale. What with all the dying and horrible snow storms in the Pacific Northwest, there was a bit of a delay in its arrival. Buy boy was it worth it. Of course I still don't have the perfect combo for Charlotte's Web. Will I make something work or will I have to get some more? Well folks, with exception of maybe one or two more trial hanks of BMF, I hereby declare a yarn diet. (With the exception of any clubs I may have already joined!)

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Turtle said...

ooh lucky you on the packages! Nice calendar, that was on my wish list but hubby said everywhere was sold out...maybe soon! enjoy your day!