Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sushi Day

If only every day were Sushi day. In my opinion sushi is the perfect food. Well, one of two perfect foods, the other being cholent. And today there was sushi for lunch, which made me happy. Very happy. That and finishing up the Baby Surprise Jacket. The highlights of my day. Of course there's still one seam to be sewn, a neckline to finish and buttons to order. But it's off the needles. And off the needles is a sort of kind of finished. My order from Blue Moon Fibers should be arriving today or tomorrow. The yarn to make Charlotte's Web almost here. And in that is the hank of Jasper I'll need to make a hat to go with the BSJ. So now it's time to get back to Twist & Shout and to start working on another baby present. Because another baby was born this morning. And he too will need a warm, cozy, squishy sweater.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is lovlier than another new baby to knit for. :) Sushi runs a close second for me, though!!! Love sushi. My Japanese student who is here for the year does not like sushi. Weird!!! samm

Anonymous said...

I also love sushi, especially the rainbow roll. Anyways, can you post pictures of the knitted sushi. I think all will get a kick out of it. It was brilliant!!!


Anonymous said...

Sushi is the best. I love it sooo much I even call my daughter Sushi!! I agree with Hans, I'd love to see pictures of the knitted sushi. Maybe a new project can be knitted edamame and ginger!

I can't wait to see BSJ. It's almost worth having another baby in the hopes of having a baby outfit from Tanta J. My yarn of choice - White Yak!