Friday, October 31, 2008

A Comedy of Errors

Getting up, getting dressed, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, knitting the night away. That's pretty much been the schedule. Yes, I too noticed that Blog posting wasn't listed. I don't know why I'm having such a block with it these days. I still blame lack of sleep. Or rather lack of normal bed time. And this I am endeavoring to change. See, I even did it last night which is why I am here, writing today (but I still ran out of time and had to finish this in the afternoon.) And because I haven't been here much this week I decided to give you more than yarn. Some of you better be saying "Thank you!"

As I hinted earlier this week, I actually had material to work with and still didn't write, so I'll give you the highlights.

Sunday evening was spent in Monsey. Both buying groceries at the Rockland Grocery Store (if you've been you know what I'm talking about!) and at Sushi Metsuyan to celebrate the Cheerleader's birthday. Since sushi seems to be one of my current favorites I was quite pleased with the choice. And I believe our birthday girl had a wonderful time.

Monday seems to be lost but Tuesday was one of those days. Placing a lunch order for the weekly meeting was its own little sequence of disasters. And then Tuesday evening was spent hiding a large part of my stash.

Yes, I may be a self supporting adult who has lived in three countries and traveled the world but there is one thing that makes me revert to childhood, like a little girl hiding her secrets. My mother's arrival.

And so Wednesday evening NNR graciously offered to pick up my mom from the airport for her overnight visit. That would be the same NNR who was born and raised in NJ. The same NNR who doesn't understand why I complain about the signage on NJ roadways. Yes, that NNR, who missed the entrance to the airport and spent 20 minutes going trying to get back. Fortunately NNR has a great sense of humor and we laughed the whole time. And anyway, she says it's my fault because I called my mom along the way and told her we were coming via Alaska. Anyway we had a lovely visit, albeit quite short as the plane arrived 2.5 hours late. At 6:00 in the morning she came into my room not to say goodbye, but to have me make her a cup of tea. And then she was back to the airport and on her way to London and I was back to bed! How fortunate am I that she called at 8:00 to see if I'd found her cell phone. (Yes, it fell out her pocket in NNR's car.)

Thursday night I finished sleeve 1 of Twist and Shout.

There;s only one sleeve left to go until the seeming and adding the collar!

Oh, and I've started working on my first BSJ!

And now here we are, Friday afternoon. Shabbos is in about half an hour so I better go. Let's see how next week goes.


Anonymous said...

You have been leading an exciting and busy life! The sweater sleeve is amazing to me. I haven't done anything so complicated yet. The BSJ is gorgeous! What yarn is that??? Love the colours. samm

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a busy week! The airport is confusing - and they keep on changing the roadways too which makes it worse! Love the sleeve - really is going to be a pretty sweater...