Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sky is Falling and the World is Flat

When Henny Penny let us know the sky was falling, I swear she must have been in Passaic. For more than apples are falling down around here. The sky was dark gray all day long, and the sound of thunder reverberated throughout the valley. (And for anybody reading this in the future please note the date, July 23. Not December, January or February. Not complaining about the weather today though I'm sweltering once I've turned off the air conditioner for more than five minutes. They tell me this normal for these parts. I think they must be cracked. Just saying...) I really wanted to get some natural lighting for the pictures today, but I'm afraid that even the dramatic displays of lightening weren't enough. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same so you'll just have to put up with these awful pictures.

Is this what prompts the general malaise in the knitting department? Or is it a fiberly ennui? For though I am faithful in my heart, my head and fingers are still not feeling the love. In fact I can honestly tell you my hands have not worked anything in the round since Sunday eve. What I have been knitting is flat. Flat as the world where ships sail off and over its edge into oblivion. Flat as Flat Stanley but with less adventures! (Trust me, I took Stanley to Moscow, where he went shopping at GUM, and St. Petersbug, where he sat on Peter the Great's lap and generally had a riotous time.) What? Not even socks? Well, almost. I finally finished up the cuff on Sock 2 of Marie Antoinette. The first shot I took earlier today, and yes I had to use the flash!

And here is the final cuff, I remembered to block it this time. We'll see if it makes a difference.
Note the wast yarn still attached and that the cuff is still on the needle. These two will be grated together using the yarn from the tail. This keeps the yarn still attached and once the two ends are joined I'll pick up stitches around the bottom of the cuff and start knitting in the round.

I also decided another headband was in order. I liked the idea of stripes rather than self striping and I went for bold colors. After working the 4 colors I decided I didn't like the yellow much so continued on without it. Since this will be tucked away under mounds of curly hair, I decided to keep going instead of ripping it out. Consider it a unique design feature!

And finally, Arietta. Yes, my heart is really into finishing her up. Even more than working on socks! It's still a bit slow going because my mind keeps wondering and though I am not messing up the mosaic work, I keep forgetting to increase every 8 rows and end up ripping back each time. The next row will be the 5th increase. I only need to do a total of 20 increases before I start binding off and shaping the cap...

And finally, a bit of tomfoolery from Photo Funia. This one's going around the blogs, but seems to have originated at Mason Dixon (I don't know how I missed it then!)

Look closely and you should recognize...

Mommy in Time Square,

The Wigged-One's Unoriginal Hat

and her Birthday Cupcake.

This set of ads for Target has always appealed to me, and now my knitting is the featured item. This site is so cool! I love it!

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