Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Can See for Miles and Miles

At some point this afternoon, I sensed that the sun had actually appeared. It was a feeling more than anything else since the shade was down, but somehow I knew. On the spot I decided I must get outside to capture this moment of pure sunshine and clear blue sky. (The clouds are a intended design feature!) Chances of taking progress photos in natural lighting are fleeting these days. You have grab them with both hands.

The sky was so blue, with the clouds a pure white, that I had to snap a picture to prove it. Not only to you but to myself. For the next time I complain about grayness and heat this picture will stand as testimony that sun did indeed shine in the New Jersey summer sky, if only for brief periods of time.

And in this gloriously breezy and clear summer afternoon I also captured the majesty of Marie Antoinette. With the cuff grafted together and the section of Honey Bee complete, Sock 2 finally starts to take shape.

That's still a lot of yarn there. What will I do with the leftovers?

And a blast from the, not so distant, past. I've gotten back on track with my Flame Wave socks.

I've done a bit more since I captured my progress. Only six more rows until I get to the toe section. I should be able to finish up sock 1 before I go to sleep. In the meantime look at that heel. Its so smooth, such clean lines, with tips of the wave dipping into the flap.

But look at that tiny nugget of yarn! I think I'll make to the end, but only just.

While I like the give that the Fixation supplies, it is a bit odd to work with. Always making sure that I don't pull it too snug. The fit is great. These really reminds me of store bought cotton sports socks. But much, much prettier.


Anonymous said...

We're basking today in the sunshine! We haven't seen it properly for days! We've had only glimpses now and again between rainfalls. The flowers need some sun, too, but the grass is the greenest I've seen it at the end of July. :O) Glad you have some sun too! samm

Jeanne said...

Great socks - I really love the colors on the Marie Antoinnette...