Monday, July 21, 2008

Round and Round and Back Again

Believe it or not, there are days I just don't feel like knitting. Sometimes it's because I don't feel well, or it's inappropriate (yesterday, for instance, was a fast day,) or I just don't want to. And on these days I have found that anything I do accomplish usually gets ripped back. So while it's true that a Jewish "day" ends about an hour after sunset, and I can knit at that time, the last couple of evenings I guess I lost my mojo.

First I tried to make a baby gift,

but other than this I ripped everything out.

Even today my head still isn't in it. Having finished the two pieces for the Be My Love/Monogram Pillow and finally finding the missing 4mm needles, I set about working an applied I-cord edge. After getting about 1/3 round the pillow I was not happy with the results. Not happy at all! So I pulled it out and decided perhaps it was better if I stitch the two sides together first.

So here I am, stitching away...

Oh the magic of the Mattress Stitch!

And in answer to Samm's question from ages ago, the Hebrew letters are the happy couples monogram. Here again is the invitation. Remember, Hebrew reads from right to left.

The center, solid letter is a Bet, which has "B" sound and is for the couple's last name. The letter on the right is the bride's initial Reish which makes an "R" sound, only more guttural. And on the left is the groom's initial, an Aleph which is basically silent and takes on the sound of the accompanying vowel (which we don't see but is, in this case, an "E" as in excellent.)

I'm hoping to get the seaming done tonight and the I-cord tomorrow. It's time to strike another project off the list!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining the symbols on the pillow! That makes it extra special indeed! You've made (almost!) a very very wonderful gift. :O) The baby gift is going to be just as special. I love the colours you chose! I understand about the mojo problem. I've been having it myself lately. Partly it is a puppy problem, as Rubyrose will sometimes just not settle and let me knit in the evening. I usually get some done out on the deck, but it's far to hot right now. And the last excuse :) is that I have some virus that makes me tired and dizzy and sitting outside starts me coughing. So there is my lineup of knitting excuses. What do you think!? I think your mojo will return in due time. Enjoy a break! Hugs, samm