Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reclamation Proclomation

The pillow sides are done. The I-cord not. Because before I can attach an applied I-cord two things must be done. First, I must frog the discarded Monogram side. Which had been blocked good and hard. In order to get usable yarn I did the following:

After working through the bind off, I started pulling out the yarn. Look at that kink!

Pile of kink!

I pulled out the swift and gently started winding the yarn on to it, while I continued to gently frog.

After the yarn was all wound round the swift, I tied it off with cheapo acrylic yarn on each side.

Here it is hanging up.

Next I immersed it into cool water with a bit of wool wash, gently pushing it down so it would absorb the water. And I left it there.

I came back every half hour of so to check up on it and after about 2 hours it looked like this.

I removed it from the water, GENTLY squeezed out the excess water, wrapped it in a towel to remove even more water and hung back up to dry.

The next day I put it back on the swift. Look at how nice that looks!

And then I pulled out my ball winder and wound it all up.

And here it is, ready to go.

Oh, and the second thing I have to do? Find my wayward 4.5 mm circs...

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Anonymous said...

That yarn was beautiful all kinked like that! It really held its blocking! I can't wait to see the pillow all finished. I keep forgetting to ask you what the Hebrew says. :O) samm