Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I've Been a Naughty Girl

I have not attended to Arietta as I should, nor made as much progress on the Black Project as expected. Once again the sock fever struck, leaving me blind to anything else. I cast on for the second Embossed Leaves sock, getting through 18 rows of ribbing and into the first pattern repeat. I played and frogged and played and frogged and finally came up with the right combination of CO stitches, needle size and pattern stitch for my LL in Devon and wondrously, there is no pooling. And most importantly, I started working on Django, using Birthday Koigu, and not only got through the cuff but even through a full repeat on the leg. I can not sing Cookie A's praises enough. The patterns are deceptively easy while still being challenging, artistic and original. And the Koigu is a dream.

So for now, a tease.

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