Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Crazy Life of Mine

It's been a crazy day. Indeed. I saw more people today than I usually do in a week! But all that running around got me home quite late, and now I'm trying to finish this up before it's no longer today but becomes tomorrow... All this intro to say that I won't be talking about the "restructure" until tomorrow.

On the way to "work" this morning, I noted that all the trees around the pond had lost their flowers. It's lush and green, but the flowers are gone. So too the Dogwood flowers on my front lawn. I'm so glad I took these pictures when I did.

Many of you may be familiar with theses flowers and their burst of colors, but I hadn't remembered seeing them before. I googled them, of course, and learned that though Dogwoods grow in most of the US they don't grow in zone 9. Which makes up most of California. What a beautiful colorway they would make!

As much as I love all the flowers, I love most shades of green as well. Like those in this Fleece Artist Somoko yarn in Rainforest colorway.

Why yes, that sock is not on the pre-approved projects list. It's a little something I am whipping up on the sly. So you only get to see the bottom for now. A chance to drink in some of that luscious green colorway.

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