Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Didn't Inhale

I'm still euphoric after my trip to Modern Yarn in Montclair this afternoon. This was my first time in a yarn store since I'd moved here. Last summer! And it was even more special since The Wigg-ed One took me as my birthday treat. And what a treat it was. I was intoxicated by the yarn fumes in the air, the colors, the squishy goodness. The Wigg-ed One seemed a bit like Alice, trying to figure it all out, but I was there on a mission. I stayed totally focused. Taking only an hour to gaze and squeeze in a drunken stupor at all the lovely sock yarns. I almost broke when I finally came face to face with some Malabrigo but really, this was all about sock yarn. Solid sock yarn specifically. Unfortunately there was no LL solids and I wasn't looking to increase my multi stash. (It's not that I am so seriously addicted to the LL, in fact I prefer something that knits up on a larger needle. It's just that I have these multis that I'm not using for fear of pooling. And I want solids so I can engage in my first foray into the world of stranded color work.) The search for solids goes beyond the stranded possibilities. It stems from the realization that many of the patterns I want to knit up are all about the stitch work and WANT to be knit up in a solid.

Anyway, I was almost there with the Louet Gems but I was a bit nervous after some reviews I read recently. So I went with the Koigu. Ahhh, the Koigu. My first Koigu! And of course I remembered that the camera was home once we were half way there, but fear not, because I'll be showing off my modest purchases/gifts on Friday.

But today is Wednesday and it is time to show some progress pics.

As per my arrangement, after I finished Shag I was allowed to work on one sock. And here it is. My first Monkey sock. The way things are going I may to have to wait a while before making its mate, but then I'm thinking of changing up the arrangement somewhat. And so since the project is only 50% complete, this qualifies as a WIP.

Next, I'm back to Arietta! Surprise! It's time really, isn't it? It's not that I fell out of love last fall, it's just that I needed to spread my wings a bit. Which I did. And lose some weight. Which I didn't. But I am finally starting to. Slowly, but there it is. I don't know if I will lose enough for this to fit by the Fall but I'm to finish it just the same. Then I can glance at it lovingly and know that with just a bit more work on myself it can be mine. BTW, does anyone see the mistake? Don't worry, I'll fix it before I push forward!)

Another Oldy but Goody, I've pulled Windchime Blues out of the ZZZ pile. By hook or by crook I'll get this scarf done!

And speaking of hooking, another crochet project. A flowered motif scarf knit from VK's On The Go series: Crocheted Scarves Two. This is the same Heela cotton as used for Arietta, only in brighter, bolder colors.

Tomorrow I'll share the "new arrangement" I've made with myself and layout the new structure for the blog.

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