Monday, May 19, 2008

Structure is Good

So what is this new plan I have been, not so subtlety, hinting at? Simple really. Beginning in January I made a concerted effort to write daily. But it isn't always easy. I don't have a dog or cat or small children to write about on those "filler" days. So what's a girl to do? Adopting the accepted What's On Your Needles Wednesdays and Flash Your Stash Fridays was a good start. But I needed more structure. Top that with an insatiable need to knit socks (despite the little deal with myself,) returning to Crochet for some of my long forgotten WIPs and real desire to explore even more deeply Color Theory (which I have taught to graphics classes) I came up with the following schedule:

Monday- Sockdown 2008
Tuesday- Corochet
Wednesday- What's On Your Needles
Thursday- Color Theory
Friday- Flash Your Stash/FOs

Of course any earth shattering events will be shared with glee or woe, depending.

In the meantime, it's Monday so here's the first Sockdown run down.
If you glance over to the side bar, you'll see that all socks have been removed from Here's Where I'm Holding and moved to Sockdown 2008. Each pattern is currently linked to its source site as are the yarn's I'll be using. I still haven't figured out which pattern I want to use for my Zen Yarn Garden...

Nor have I decided which yarn to use for my New Pathways sock, nor which sockitechture. But I have enough going on right now, so I'm not too worried. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

In the meantime, here are two new contenders.

Snakes in the Grass is based on the Snakes in the Sand stitch from VK Stitichionary 2: Cables. I've converted the stitch pattern for the round and used Judy's Magic Cast On for this toe-up sock. This is my first try at "design" and I have some ideas I'm playing with for the heel. We'll see how it goes. The yarn is Fleece Artists Somoko in Rainforest. The colors are perfect and I don't think they'll distract too much from the pattern. (The yarn is actually darker than this, it was very bright outside.) The needles are KP Harmonies fixed circs, 2.5 mm and as usual, I am knitting them Magic Loop.

And here is Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt. This is the sock that started it all. Once I say my sock sensei, Laura's, finished pair I KNEW I had to start making socks. It took me a while to get to these, but it was worth the wait. These are knit up on Sundara Sock yarn, in the Sky colorway. Needles are KP Nickel fixed circs, 2.75 mm, Magic Loop.

So that's it for socks until next week! Tomorrow. Crochet.

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