Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

As many of you know, I am not an East Coast person. In fact, my first visit was less than 2 years ago, a stop over between Israel and San Francisco. A mini pilot trip if you will, in which I was to decided if I would move here. At the time I gave it a pass, and then one year later I was moving here. Humidity and all. You may think I am kidding about the humidity but some of us really don't know what it is. Not really. Not in Jerusalem or San Francisco or La Jolla. And as I write this I am looking at my weather widget and see the forecast for Thursday is: High: 72°F. A blend of sun and clouds with a shower or thunderstorm around; breezy Um, ya. With a icon of the sun, a gray cloud and a lightening bolt. But not today. Today was beautiful. And so I went to what I think is the prettiest place in town to take some picture. The pond.

Those Cherry Blossoms run the perimeter of the entire pond.
This is only a section.
They also line the edge of the street.
New New Roommate and I have walked around the pond a few times. If you make two passes it's a decent afternoon's exercise.

The thing is, weather seems pretty topsy turvy round here. During Pesach it was lovely, but last last week was cold, I even needed to wear a scarf on Shabbos. Now this week it's back to the low 70s but there's that icky weather thing happening on Thursday. So I've decided it isn't quite time to put away the winter knitting. And I am determined to get through some of these WIPs before it gets to hot to handle the wool.

With less than 15% to go, my first stab at finishing something is Shag. I even boasted/challenged myself to finish it last night or pass out from trying. I did neither. I simply went to bed. And now it's almost 10pm so I don't know if I'll finish it tonight either. But let's, for the moment, pretend I did. And that these photos are of the finished scarf and not more progress shots.

I'm still loving this yarn.
I guess I always will.

Especially since the odds of finding it again are scarce to none.

I dig on the the dimensionality too.

And when it's really, really done, I hope to wear it secured with a lovely brooch.

But hopefully not for another six months or so.

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Joan said...

I love the scarf. I have the book and may have to put that on my list.