Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hooking at the Met

So here we are. Running behind. But then I'm running in so many places right now, why shouldn't behind would be one of them.

Before I play catch-up with yesterday's adventures, there are two things I want to address. First, sorry no WIPs today because other than the socks, which you've seen, and the crochet, which you are about to see, I haven't gotten much done. And don't know if I will (although I'd like to get the Monogram side of the Be My Love pillow done by the end of the week.)

Second, and this one is really exciting, so exciting that even Mommy, the anti-knitter was impressed. I received the following comment from Annie Modesitt in Ravelry yesterday regarding my Backyard Leaves (Ravelry) photo.

You did SUCH a beautiful job - thank you!

Would it be okay if I used this photo for a class submission for a fiber fest? It’s such an excellent photo of the tips of the leaves...


Can I just say Super Squee!!!

Ok, now back to the Wednesday edition of Crochet Day Tuesday...

So, yesterday Mommy and I went into Manhattan. We walked over to the Public Library

and walked up lots of steps, up to the reading room which had these cool ceilings.

But mostly we were there to go to the Met. Mostly to see the Super Heroes exhibition. Which, unfortunately, mostly left me disappointed. Which was really a shame because I LOVED AngloMania two summers ago.

It was good, just not great. And sorry, no pics. It's the one exhibition where cameras were forbidden.

We caught up with a docent tour and hung out for a bit. I also snapped some pics from the Greek room. One of my friends is teaching Greek mythology now and I thought she might be able to use them somehow. (I loved Greek mythology as a kid. Used to sit and read through all the myths. Came in handy when I had to read all those tragedies in University. Some day I'll tell you about the wicked MedeaMaterial, by Heiner Muller, that I directed.)

This is a terracotta hydria (water jar) depicting the abduction of Persephone by Hades.

And this is a statue of Perseus after cutting off Medusa's head.

But enough of those Greeks. This is Black Iris by Georgia O'Keeffe which reminded a bit of something I have at home...

Here is the portrait Don Manuel Osorio de Zuniga by Goya, but I prefer to think of it as that famous picture of the little boy in red.

And here is Two Young Girls at the Piano by Renoir. Not one of my Renoir favorites (which I have had the privilege of seeing a room full of at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and this beauty at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.)

And here is where I finally got to sit a while...

and relax.

Then it was back to Midtown for a late lunch at Cafe K.

The weather was absolutely disgusting, by the way. 85° and horribly humid. I snapped this picture of Mommy against Time Square as we walked back to the Port Authority Bus Station.

Thunder and lightening were not far behind and the heavens opened just as the bus headed for home.

And if you really need more crochet content there is this:

This is a dark purple piece being knit from Lion Brand Microspun.

Can I just say how much I hate this yarn. Splitty, splitty, splitty. Ugh!

The Schachenmayr nomotta Micro is only a bit better. If I'd known about sock yarn when I started this, it would have been way different. Speaking of which, Shawnee left a comment after last Tuesday's blog which sparked a great idea. A truly one-of-a-kind scarf made up from bits of left over sock yarn. This scarf may take years to complete but I'm in no rush. Here are the first few pieces. Can you identify the original socks?

And finally, here is quick recap of where the Windchime Blues is holding. (click to enlarge)

Total pieces needed 69 rectangles and 12 discs

pale blue=complete
violet=missing 3
aqua=missing 3
periwinkle=missing 8 + 2 discs
dk purple=missing 9 + 2 discs

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Shawnee said...

I can't believe you mentioned me in your blog! Too cool! I envy your visit to the Met. I've always wanted to go there. Must get busy on more wind chime "parts"...