Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Trifecta

I packed more into this three day weekend than in the eight months I lived here. From the Friday night Fiesta to Sunday's BBQ to today's visit it to Ringwood Manor and the Botanical Gardens and dinner in Teaneck in a different restaurant than Sushi Mitsuyan, it's been non-stop excitement.

What precipitated all this carefree behavior? A combination of wanting to stay in and cook for friends, to take advantage of the three day weekend and return of the Mother.

Naturally pictures were forgotten in the run to finish line (otherwise know as sunset) Friday evening but I can tell you the meal included the traditional (home baked challah and frozen gefilte fish log) with the less traditional Friday night fare (7 bean soup, seven six layer dip with parve sour cream, Mexican rice and fajitas) a bottle of wine that has finally converted me to becoming a wine drinker, and some fabulous friends (including New New Roommate - henceforth NNR.) Yep, the same ones who took me out to dinner for my birthday, where they first introduced me to the wine.

Sunday started out a bit late but was thoroughly enjoyable. NNR and I went for a great walk in an iffy park and then a relaxing sit down in a lovely park about 15 minutes further on. At the second locale I got in a good 30 minutes of work on my version of Crusoe socks. And what better way to end the day? Why go to NNR's parents house for a BBQ! Again we were joined by two more friends and lively conversation ensued as we discussed our day and I once again put forth my Math Geeks and Cheerleaders analogy After a fabulously fun time, we made our way to visit my cousins and arrived back home after 1 am.

Today I slept in even later. Then it was off to Ringwood. It was just lovely. I'd happily turn it in to my own little Pemberley (yah, I didn't actually take pictures of the manor, you'll have to trust me.) Alas, I am still desperately searching for Darcy.

Even the first completed Marigold enjoyed it there.

And though I may not have found Darcy, Marigold's mate is quite near by. Only a few more repeats in the leg section to go.

Next it was on to the Botanical Gardens. We almost managed to be a pair of wedding crashers but alas our manners are too good. And I don't think we could have passed as guests. Still the grounds were lovely, if not quite as flowerful as expected.

I don't know if they were going for a purple theme, but I was not the only person who commented on a dearth of any other colors.


Pale lavender Bluebells

Unidentified little blueish flower.

There were a few other delicate looking flowers in pinks and fuchsias

and yellows and burgundies

and multi-color rainbow colors.

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