Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What a Difference the Sun Makes

So I didn't make it to the either the pond or the library today, but I did go for a bit of a walk. The weather didn't really deliver, but tomorrow promises to be a lovely 69° so I hope it works out. I did get some nice progress shots though.

You may have noticed that my picture quality has gone down since the big move. I've yet to find a room with really good lighting like I had at the old place. That in itself is quite amusing since with the exception of the front room where I kept my stash and took my photos, that place was quite dark and dreary. My bedroom should be letting in lots of sunshine but there is an issue with blinds at present: they'll go up but getting them back down again is close to impossible. DId I mention my room faces the street? Yes, I'll be keeping them down for now. So wasn't I pleased with today's weather and the opportunity to finally get in some good shots in natural light.

Here's Esther. I'm using 2.75mm needles which may be a tad big for this yarn (although Sundara recommends 2-2.75mm.) I could have gone down to 2.5 but converting this to toe-up may prove to be a bit daunting so working out the placement of stitches with the extra repeat just seemed too much. I have heard that the yarn just gets better and better with washing and it is lovely to work with. It's just this seems to be my most uneven stitch work. Ever.

As usual I am doing two at a time but because of the toe up doubts I wanted to do some of the pattern work on one sock before I started the other. So now I am playing a bit of catch up but as soon as they are both at the same point, its ML 2 at a time.

And Marigold. I'm loving it. The cashmerey softness of the Casbah is just intoxicating. And look, no pooling! Oh, Casbah, how do I love thee?

And again, second toe catch up then back to 2 at a time.

Tomorrow there will something new, though you've seen it before ;), and no, it isn't socks! But for now I'll leave you with some sock love.

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amy said...

oh i miss knitting socks, i have been all lack luster in the knitting lately, but your 2 at a timers are looking so fun.