Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

At long last, I believe Spring is here. I've seen the buds, I've seen the blossoms, on the trees and in the vases.

This was our table's centerpiece from Sunday night's wedding. I do love hydrangeas. New Roommate's mother graciously let me take it home. The colors were perfect for my room, pale blue walls with butter yellow curtains.

Tomorrow promises to be a lovely day, with a high of 62, and I plan on taking a walk to soak in the sunshine. It's about time to sign up for my library card and perhaps I'll take a walk around the lovely pond.

I've also been finding spring inspiration in my sock pattern and yarn choices. I've restarted *Esther, converting it to a toe-up pattern. I've never taken on such an undertaking so wish me luck!

And since my fingers are already missing the Casbah, I just cast on a new pair of socks, this time using the Dandelion colorway.

With a little knitting magic, they will grow into a lovely pair of Marigolds.

*This is a German speaking Yahoo group and you must join the group to access the pattern - however this, and many other wonderful patterns, is available in both English and German.

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