Friday, April 11, 2008


I've fallen behind. Again. Yesterday was a bit nuts, and honestly not much knitting took place. I felt a bit queasy and took a nap and when I woke up it was time to go to New Roommate's sheva brochas. Got home after 11. And today. Today I helped a friend get ready for her son's Bar Mitzvah, so except for a few rows here and there on my Marigolds, not much knitting again. And now it's time to get ready for Shabbos so no action until tomorrow night. But then, I'm sure I'll be up til the wee hours knitting away. Because Sunday I finally have to deal with the reality we call Pesach cleaning. Wish me luck!

But wait! What was that alt-neu (old-new) project I mentioned. Why, another Quant, of course. Quant-i-fiable is one of two new Quants I am making for my friend P, an accountant. She wanted black and professional, so I'm knitting these up in Sublime yarns Cashmere Merino Silk Aran. Talk about decadence! And taking my inspiration from Danica, it's all black, with random splashes of light blue (the second will be with orchid pink.) I'm thinking I may be on to something!

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