Friday, April 4, 2008

The Small and Large of It

I would call the Wee Tiny Sock Swap of 2008 a great success, as far as I am concerned. I received a lovely email from Vicki saying that she received and loved her little socks. Yes, socks, in the plural. Since I couldn't really decide which to send, I sent them both. With a nice little postcard of a 1920's Cloche I picked up in Victoria & Albert museum's Art Deco exhibition in 2003. Today I received my very own Wee Tiny Sock from Suzanne. It's adorable! It's made with Socks that Rock in Peaseblossom.

Can't you just see the fairy's flapping their wings around Bottom in Titania's forest bower?

My Oriel socks are almost done! I guess I miscalculated when I said I'd do two or three more pattern repeats. One was all it took. All that's left now is the ribbing and if I really hustle, I could have these ready in time for Shabbos! If not, I'll finish them up tomorrow night. Either way pics should by posted by Monday. And Sunday is New Roommate's wedding! She went back to her parents house last night so the next time I see her it will be in her wedding gown. I can't wait!

This sockitis thing is really serious. I have so many projects to do work on and I just want to knit socks. Even before I finish the Oriel socks I've cast on for a new pair. I am very excited. You see I've wanted to make the Esther socks by Stephanie van der Linden for a while.

I was just waiting for the perfect yarn. And my fingers have been itching to cast on with some of my Sundara yarn.

And I'm thinking this is going to be a perfect match.

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