Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fear Factor

I have this fear when it comes to socks; I am afraid I'll run out of yarn. The yarn shops always say that a given 100 g skein (or two 50 g skeins) will be enough for an average size foot. But my feet are not average. No, they are not. And I am not willing to buy two $20+ skeins (no matter how much I love the yarn,) to make a pair of socks. And so I am always afraid I will run out of yarn. I am beginning to think this is an unnatural fear.

My Oriel socks are really coming along. I am about half way through the first pattern repeat on the leg.

And look how much yarn I still have.

You can see the pattern is about an inch above the heel flap.

And that I was talking complete hogwash in my earlier post about the mess up in my gusset.

Yes, I frogged down to the picked up gusset stitches, switched over to 2.5 needles and started doing the gusset completely wrong! Naturally I ripped again. Naturally!

I started worrying that maybe changing to 2.5 mm needles was a mistake and that the stitches would stretch too much. But now that I am doing full patterning on the legs I think I did the right thing.

I'm thinking a total of 3 pattern repeats at the most. I'll decided after I finish the second repeat. Ultimately it will be about how it looks. And of course, how much yarn I have.

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