Monday, February 25, 2008

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Though it may have snowed last week, the sun is out now, warm and shiny. Who knows how long it will last. Tomorrow calls for rain. I prefer the warm and shiny. No, I LOVE warm and shiny. And flowers. Alas, there are no warm and shiny flowers to be found growing at this time. At least not around here. Instead, I can bask in the warmth of Grandmas Flower Garden. You see, I also love Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They too are warm. And bright and colorful, if that's what you want. And with the weather changing every day, right now I do.

Knit up with Mediumweight, they will be warm and cozy, indeed.

And what better pattern to show off all those bright, flowery colors than Rock and Weave by Karen Alfke. The linen stitch cuff shows off all those colors and they really do look like a lovely garden.

The picot edge bind off, creates its own little flowers. Like tulips, with their bulbous heads, swaying in the breeze.