Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Book'em Danno!

The Hawaii Five-O Home Page will tell you just about anything you want to know about the show except for these points:

  • When I was a teenager, I had a dream about Jack Lord. I think he saved my life and the life of my baby (baby at 15???)
  • The iconic theme music is my ring tone. I don't know why I chose it, but I do smile almost every time my cell phone rings.
  • My mom, and grandma, are going on a 2 week cruise to 5 islands. I will have a Five-O related mission for her.
What does this have to do with knitting? Why nothing at all. Except... When I was thinking up titles for this blog, about my three new knitting books, Book'em Danno! came to mind. The rest is just where my twisted mind, and Google, took me...

So, the books. If you remember, I mentioned last week that I received three books as a thank you for helping a friend with her dissertation. All the help was computer oriented, I am completely ignorant about her topic. Yesterday's mail brought yet another gift. A gift certificate to Knit Picks. This non-knitting lady did her homework.

Now, I am not yet in a position to truly review the books because I have yet to do more than browse through them a zillion times. All three are books that I have really wanted but I doubt I would have ever purchased for myself. Which is why they were all on my wish list. I didn't think anyone knew I had a wish list (I see New Roommate's hand in this!) See, wishes really do come true.

Here's what I can share so far:

Book One
The Knitter's Book of Yarn, The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using and Enjoying Yarn
by Clara Parkes
You may already know Clara Parkes from The Knitter's Review, the free weekly online knitting magazine. Every week Clara reviews the newest yarns and tools of the trade. The site also has an archive of all the reviews. It is one of my essential sources for all fiber related things. Clara now has a book out. The Book of Yarn not only illustrates, in words and many pictures, the source of different yarns, (protein vs. cellulose fibers, etc.) it also covers how yarn is made (spin, color, evaluating the pill potential.) Then it covers plies, to which, for the most part, I have been ignorant. I mean I know if something is single plied but the differences between three or four? Wow! And within the 'ply' section, we are offered patterns best served by yarn with that number of plies. All of this info will be priceless when it comes to yarn substitutions. Because while it would be nice to use any given patterns yarn suggestions, sometimes (most times,) that is not possible. And the patterns are great, from well know designers.

Three patterns heading to my queue: Calla Lily Bag by Cat Bordhi, Patchwork Carriage Blanket by Tara Jon Manning, Norwegian Snail Mittens by Adrian Bizilia. Give me time, I'm sure there will be more!

Book Two
Knitting Never Felt Better
by Nicky Epstein
One my favorite books to pour over in the bookstore, I never thought I would own this baby. With stunning pictures, this book is worthy of sitting on the nicest of coffee tables. And it's full of practical information. I am particularly fascinated by the shibori (dimensional felting) techniques. Now to find some rubber balls, marbles and assorted nuts! I also love some of the color work ideas. And being an embroiderer, I totally dig on the paisley ideas. Also, the back of the book is filled with felted flowers, animals, bag handles, sculpted fruit & veg, as well as templates for cut designs.

Possible projects: Angel Puff Scarf, a cool carpet bag using the Paisley Palette, the fabo Cherries Jubliee Slippers, Fair Isle Hat, and more

Book Three
Big Girl Knits
by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer

Being a big girl, I've had my eye on this one for a while. I first checked this out from the Corte Madera Library last summer. What appeals to me, obviously, is that the sweaters are meant to fit a larger body type, rather than just being super sized Barbie clothes. I am still a bit nervous about sweater knitting for myself. It is a very large investment, both in yarn and time, which is why I had put off buying the book. Also it puts a lot of effort into having big girls show off their assets, and while I understand the motivation behind that, it doesn't quite fit in with my lifestyle. Still, I have plenty of T's and shells to where under those plunging necklines so I don't anticipate any problems there. Big Girl Knits 2 is due out next month and I look forward to seeing the new patterns. In the meantime, I can see myself making wearing many of these projects

Possible future knits: Curvalicious, Sandy's Cardigan, Lift and Separate and Mosaic Sweater.

A girl can never have too many books. I'll leave you with some of the books on my must have list:

  • Knitting New Mittens and Gloves (warm and adorn your hands in 28 innovative ways) by Robin Melanson
  • Knitting on the Road (sock patterns for the traveling knitter) by Nancy Bush
  • The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman
  • replacements for the books lost in the move (can I say too many times how sad it is that everything EXCEPT my knitting books and magazines made it back from Jerusalem!)

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Sign me up for a Project #1 (in black or gray of course) I would expect it to be beautifully embroidered in paisley :)