Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Socks, Sunshine and Sea Air

California Day 7
Marin County

So, things continue to move at a slow, leisurely pace. That is apt to happen with a 91 year old grandmother in tow. Even with her out-of-date hearing aid, I must admit that Grandma E continues to amaze me. The woman is as strong willed as they come, with the exception perhaps of Grandma I. I hope when I get to be her age I'll still be game to take a transatlantic flight. By myself!

The weather continues to be glorious. I am absorbing as much as I can to get me through rest of a NJ winter. (The forecast is for the low 20's when I come off the plane. At least I'll have my thrummed mittens!) Today we drove down to Sausalito and walked around a bit, then just sat on a bench to soak up the sunshine and take in the San Francisco skyline. And of course, much to my mother's annoyance, I had my Firestarters with me. And I've not only turned the heel, I've also knit the heel flap. In fact, only the leg section remains. These socks just may get finished before I leave, freeing all my flying time for Jeanie!

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