Friday, January 4, 2008

Tic Toc

Time stops for no knitter. And I've run out. Of time, that is. My Jeanie progress will have to wait. As will my Peacock Picot's, with only an inch until the toe decreases!

H-J J arrived earlier than I expected and her clogs aren't ready. Heck, as of yesterday morning, when I read her e-mail stating that she was in the city, I hadn't even started. Of course this knowledge pushed me into hyper drive. Since I have yet to acquire a swift and ball winder, (ya, that winder is on back order at Jimmy Beans and I think the swift will be ordered soon too!) I had to wind these balls up by hand.

color palette

And then I cast on. Now I must tell you, casting on for tiny toes is much, MUCH easier than casting on for my larger digits.

That doesn't mean that this wasn't a challenge, though. H-J J's palette of colors tends to run to gray scale. This is on going topic of discussion for us, and while I managed to sneak some color into her Gwen socks (using Colinette's Jitterbug in Bright Charcoal,) it wasn't going to happen here. So how could I make the gray exciting? I think I came up with an idea but until I felt the clogs, I won't know if it worked.

close up of one of the color changes

Working out the color changes took a bit of thought. I had to rework the placement a few times, which resulted in a bit of frogging. I was smart enough to keep notes and the second clog is going very smoothly.

Here's completed clog 1 (sans second sole)

And here's where I left off when I went to bed last night.

My goal for today is to finish these up, but Shabbos is soon upon us, so we'll see how far we get. Then again, the thing with early Shabbos is that Motzei Shabbos is early too. So by 5:30-6 tomorrow evening I can get back to it and get to the felting!

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