Monday, December 31, 2007


In the last of my remote posts from Edison, NJ (I have been assured I may finally return home tomorrow,) I leave you with my latest hats. Just in case you're thinking, "Whoa, deja vu," they are indeed repeaters.

First, my Odessa II, for the larger head. Same bat color, same bat beads.
You may remember I had made the original for my own very self, but when it wouldn't go over my curl laden, big ole head, I gave it away to Sari in Jerusalem. (BTW her brother is getting married tonight so a big, big Mazel Tov. I wish I could be there!) And even though it would be knitting the SAME EXACT THING, I REALLY wanted this hat. And, anyway, I had 3 more ball of the same yarn. So I knit it up again, just wider and taller. I'm hoping one day to transform those last two balls into matching gloves. We'll see...

Odessa II, for the bigger head

close up of stitch pattern

And then there is Foo Foo on You. Another Unoriginal hat in the Little Bunny Foo Foo colorway, made for D in Edison. And once again modeled by the lovely New Roommate.

For next time... I have made some real progress on Jeanie. I plan on posting some pics once I get home. Ahhh, I am in love...

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